Deriv Review Colombia

The purpose of this study is to find evidence in Colombia on the effect of the use of derivatives on the market value of companies. The analysis is carried out by economic sectors, identified by ISIC codes and grouped into five (5) macro sectors (Agriculture and livestock, Commercial, Industrial or Manufacture, Services and Construction). It employs several regression models in data panels using a Pooled regression model with fixed and random effect estimators through the maximum likelihood estimator.

Clients in the European Union who wish to trade financial instruments

Clients in the European Union who wish to trade financial instruments (such as CFDs and synthetic indices) can have accounts under Deriv Investments (Europe) Limited. The company is incorporated in Malta and licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority under the Investments Services Act.

EU clients are entitled to certain protections, including the provision of investment advice and investment suitability assessment. In addition, they can benefit from a greater degree of transparency when it comes to fees and commissions received by the firm.

The MiFID Directive was first introduced in November 2007 and is designed to promote fairness, transparency and efficiency in the European markets. It aims to create a single market for investment services and activities and ensure harmonised protection for investors.

This regulation was updated in January 2018 and aims to further strengthen investor protection and make financial markets more resilient, transparent and investor-friendly. It also seeks to improve the availability of market data and ensure that trading takes place on a level playing field.

Under the new EU rules, securities firms will be required to report a wide range of information on traded shares, bonds and derivatives to central counterparties (CCPs). For example, trade details must be provided to ICE Credit, LCH SwapClear or MarkitSERV for all OTC (over-the-counter) derivatives transactions.

As a result of the new regulations, traders and investors will have more access to real-time prices and volumes of traded equity, and quasi-equity financial instruments. This is intended to help investors avoid excessive speculation and, in turn, to limit liquidity risk for investors in EU markets.

These changes are part of a package of reforms to the EU regulatory framework aimed at strengthening investor protection and restoring confidence in Europe’s financial markets. In addition, MiFID II is designed to promote a capital markets union by improving the competitiveness and transparency of markets within the European Union.

In particular, under the new rules, there will be a requirement for consolidated tapes (CTPs) that will aggregate all the trades of a given asset class, regardless of where the traders are located. This should allow for a more comprehensive overview of prices and volumes of traded securities, and it is expected that this will lead to improved price-quality.

Accounts under Deriv Investments (Europe) Limited

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The derivative market has been mainly focused on the exchange and interest rates markets, while weather or crop-based derivatives have not developed. This is because Colombia depends on hydro-electricity, which is heavily influenced by climatic conditions, such as the “El Nino” southern oscillation (ENSO). The prices of agricultural products can be very volatile and farmers are forced to invest in high risk strategies.

In order to develop a weather derivative market in Colombia, there is the need for an infrastructure technology that can offer transparency, security and speed. This market has to meet specific conditions, including a stable market for the negotiation of financial instruments. This means that the infrastructure must be very strong, because it will require a complex structure for traders to use the instruments. For this purpose, we have carried out a study to evaluate the feasibility of cross-hedging between electrical derivatives and spot agricultural products. We have also performed an analysis to determine the performance of estimation methods that can be used for this purpose. The results show that these estimations do not provide a performance that meets the objective of risk mitigation for farmers.

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